Spring 2017 – Intro to Body Contact


Players learn best when expectations are explained, demonstrated, and practiced in a positive atmosphere, especially when there is a logical progression of skills suited to their skill level and needs.

This introduction to body checking is a series of progressive drills developed by RINK Professionals to provide a sound curriculum for coaches to follow. The RINK checking model is based on the principle that checking should be taught in four logical steps. Each step builds upon the previous step and brings the hockey player that much closer to being able to give and receive body checks competently and confidently.

The 13 Week progression will lead players through these steps:

  1.  Positioning & Angling
  2.  Stick checks
  3.  Body Contact
  4.  Body Checking
  5.  Respect for Opponents


1 x 50 Minute On Ice Sessions (Associative/Automatic Response)


PROGRAM DATES: Week of March 27 – June 25 (13 weeks)

  • All ice times will be 50 minutes

COST: $520.00/+GST