Winnipeg, MB - The RINK Hockey Corp. has acquired NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness Inc. (NRG) and makes long-term commitment to North Winnipeg hockey development offering year-round programs.

The RINK, known for skill development for both players and goalies, is expanding into North Winnipeg and will be operating out of Seven Oaks Arena (further referred to as RINK North). With the acquisition of NRG, the RINK North will now be able to offer fully integrated programming featuring both on-ice and off-ice training to a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Furthermore, hockey programs will now be offered year-round as part of the RINK’s commitment to hockey development in the area. The RINK’s programming provides young athletes with a foundation to grow and excel as they progress through their individual hockey careers. The RINK has created a science-based approach to hockey development and applies it to each player’s progression through the RINK Mastery Program. RINK coaches and staff will consistently be present throughout each player’s journey, offering comfort to parents and athletes alike.

“Expanding into a second location is something we have been looking at since we started building the new RINK Training Centre. Seven Oaks Arena is perfectly positioned on the north side of Winnipeg and offers facilities most similar to what we have built,” said RINK CEO, Brad Rice. “Our goal is to build on the infrastructure here and integrate the entire hockey training experience to best match the level of service offered at the RINK Training Centre.”

“The Garden City Community Centre/Seven Oaks Arena Board and Management are very excited to have the RINK and RINK Testify Performance in North Winnipeg,” said Programs/Office Manager, Margie Reis. “Their presence in our area will give residents and athletes yet another option for training and wellness services.”
NRG will now be operating under the RINK Testify Performance banner. Operationally, the RINK Testify Performance team will look to build on the expansive suite of clinic services and continue providing exceptional treatment for current patients. Clients can expect essentially the same services at both locations giving clients the ability to select a location that benefits their training, health, and wellness.

RINK Testify Performance North will also be re-aligning their training methodology to coincide with the principles and philosophy exhibited at the South Winnipeg location. A focus on increasing regimented testing and metric-based training will be the driving force behind the work being done in the gym.

Former owner and operator of NRG, Scott Miller, is excited to be a part of the RINK team and will continue to lead the clinic at the North Winnipeg location. Scott brings years of industry experience as well as a wealth of knowledge that will be integral to the continuing success of RINK Testify Performance.

“We’re incredibly proud of the team we have built here. By combining the ability and knowledge of our training and therapy staff at both locations we will be able to increase the level of service as a whole to our entire client base,” said Director of Sports Science and Performance, Dr. Jeff Leiter of RINK Testify Performance. “Providing athletes of all ages and skill levels access to the resources and data they need to become the best athlete they can is at the core of what we strive to provide everyday. In addition, we will expand job opportunities, mentorship, and expertise in the fields of Kinesiology and Health Services. Given the uncertainly and financial impact of COVID-19 on the City and Province these last few months, this is a big step to rejuvenating our economy and work-force.”

“The passion for the game of hockey in North Winnipeg is second to none,” said RINK President, Ryan Cyr. “We are incredibly excited for what the future holds and look forward to creating a positive impact on the hockey experience of players and goalies within the area.”


The RINK Hockey Corp. is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada based company founded in 2009 by people passionate about a unique approach to skill development and the game of hockey. This team includes Brad Rice, Tina Jones, Mike Keane, and Ryan Cyr. The company owns and operates the RINK Training Centre (located at 57 South Landing Dr.) and its respective Player and Goalie Development divisions, as well as the RINK Testify Performance whose focus is sports-science and data-driven training.  The RINK Hockey Corp. also owns and operates the RINK Hockey Academy, with locations in both Winnipeg, MB and Kelowna, BC, which delivers student athletes a world-class education-based hockey experience. The RINK Hockey Corp. prides itself on delivering development to all ages and skill levels while upholding a culture that fosters love for the game of hockey. The RINK Hockey Corp. will continue to invest in being the home of hockey development and pursue their passion for the game we all know and love.


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