Effective: 4.29.2021 

The Rink’s commitment to the health and safety of our valued patrons and staff continues to be of  high  priority. 

Please take a moment to review the following protocol prior to visiting Rink Training Centre: 

General Guidelines 

  • Verification of Self-Screening will occur each day at arrival for all persons by a RINK employee. 

  • On-line screening data and check in sheets will be retained for 30 days in the event they are required for contact tracing  

  • Masks are mandatory in the facility. 

General Facility Protocols: 

  • Participants are required to arrive “ready to train” with the exception of helmet and skates.  

  • Arrival is permitted 15 minutes prior to training time. Participants are expected to exit within 15 minutes  

  • A lace-up station will be available inside the front door, as well as next to the ice surface for overflow. 

  • Spectators are limited to one per participant and must observe from designated spots only.  

  • All persons are expected to space themselves out, maintaining 6ft radius when entering the facility  

  • All occupants are expected to use instructed entrance, exits, drop-off and pick-up areas 

  • All persons MUST sanitize upon entry  

  • Entry /Exit points are one-way only. Signage clearly indicates entry and exit points  

  • All persons are expected to follow directional arrows and maintain physical distancing when moving in the facility  

  • Occupants are expected to adhere to room capacity maximums as posted on each door  

  • Hand sanitizer will be made readily available at numerous locations throughout the facility as well as in each dressing room  

  • Washrooms will be marked off with appropriate distancing and decommissioned showers/sinks/toilets  

  • Absolutely no consumption or sharing of food or drink  

  • Congregation will be actively discouraged.  

Current restrictions allow for a group of 10 participants only. If your group exceeds 10, divide them into two groups. Group A will use a designated dressing room and half of the ice. Group B will use an alternate dressing room and the other half of the ice. GROUPS MUST NOT INTERACT AT ANY POINT IN THE FACILITY. 

Dressing Rooms:  

  • Participants and coaches are expected to remain in designated marked “stalls”, adhering to physical distancing  

  • All change rooms have occupancy limits posted.  

  • Participants must maintain physical distancing in the dressing rooms. Parents/Caregivers are not permitted in the dressing rooms. If your child needs assistance, use the chairs provided next to the ice surface. When your child is ready, have them wait in their assigned dressing room for their coach.  

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in each room 

On-Ice Training: 

  • Participants are to remain in their dressing room until your coach is ready to escort you to the ice 

  • Participants are expected to maintain physical distancing on-ice 

  • Coaches should be aware of distancing measures and speak to athletes using the two-meter rule  

  • Coaches and participants over the age of 5 are required to wear a mask at all times 

  • Spitting or blowing nose without a tissue is prohibited 

  • Bench use is not permitted at this time  

  • Drills should allow for maximum spacing. Contact or battle drills should be avoided  

  • Exiting the ice should be done in an orderly fashion, avoiding congregation at the gate 

Off-Ice / Dryland Training:  

  • Occupancy limits for dryland training must be adhered to by participants and coaches.  

  • Occupancy is limited to a maximum of 25%.  

  • Masks are to be worn by participants and staff during these training sessions at all times   

  • Athletes and coaches are expected to maintain physical distancing requirements 

  • Hygiene stations and cleaning supplies will be available for participants to use following equipment use  

  • Shower use is not permitted at this time.  


  • Water bottles and towels on bench are not be shared. All bottles should be labelled with name of owner. 

  • Water bottles should be filled at home.  

  • Equipment should be sanitized after each use.    

COVID-19 Symptom Protocol: 

If an induvial exhibits COVID symptom while in the facility, engage the following protocol: 

  • Notify a staff member, coach, trainer etc, immediately and isolate the induvial in the designated Quiet Room, keeping their mask on 

  • The individual must contact local health authorities for further instruction 

  • The areas the individual occupied must be thoroughly sanitized following their exit 

Returning to Play after Illness:  

  • If an individual was symptomatic but tests negative, they remain isolated until they have no symptoms or as advised by Public Health 

  • If an individual tests positive, they will be permitted to return after isolating for 10 days, symptom free for 24 hours and have been approved for return to play by Public Health   

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