The RINK Player Development team is focused on providing age and skill specific training for all hockey players. RINK provides small group training with a low player to coach ratio on a custom-sized (120' x 60') Training ice or full-sized NHL ice. Players will get more correctional feedback, more touches of the puck, more shots, more repetition, develop faster reaction time and will see more improvement.

During a RINK experience, athletes will seek to hone, refine, and master various skill sets within their game. A combination of on and off-ice development will provide players a well-rounded and focused approached to their development.

RINK Skill Development Coaching Youth Hockey Players


Now that you understand what skill development is, what is the next step? The next step is finding the type of training that best suits your needs and schedule as a player. At the core, we offer 4 main ways to develop your skills. Programs, Camps, Clinics, and 1 on 1 are offered at all ages from the RINK.


Programs are the core of what the RINK does and makes up for the majority of what we do on a day to day basis. The structure of programs are run during a specific time period (i.e Spring, Summer, Winter) and on a specific day of the week at a schedule and consistent time fopr the duration of the program.

The RINK offers a variety of camps in various formats during the year. Most camps are ran during the summer months and offer half-day and full-day options both at the RINK Training Centre as well as satellite locations around Winnipeg and Manitoba like Gateway, Seven Oaks, Brandon, Regina, and more. These camps also feature off-ice training with our RINK Testify Performance team. Evening Camps are on-ice only camps that run 5 days a week during the same time slot.

Camps have different focuses depending on what age group and time of year they are offered and include but are not limited to; Power Skating, Puck Control, Shooting & Scoring, Battle & Compete, and Intro to Body Contact.

The RINK Training Centre clinics are the most flexible and efficent type of training we offer. They give players a chance to customize their training schedule by choosing dates, times, and different training topics that work best for you and your schedule. Clinics allow players to have fun and be able to work on an individual aspect of their game without the longer time committment of a program. There is a wide range of topics offered at a variety of age levels to ensure you always have a new skill to work on each session. Fit skill development into a time that works for you. We offer packages that allow you to bundle and save with multiple sessions.

The RINK's 1 on 1 sessions are private, individual training session with a RINK skills coach on the ice to work on exactly what you want to work on. Your Session, Your Way. Book in a multiple session package and save.


Our Introductory Programs welcomes players to the game of hockey.  Players will gain an understanding of their edges on their skates, their flats, how to stop, how to control the puck, how to pass the puck.

Our Development Programs provide players with a platform to develop and accelerate the foundational skills for hockey.  Players in these programs are expected to have an understanding of basic skating, puck control and passing concepts. Players can expect sessions to take on focused topics, isolating basic hockey skills to provide a greater understanding. and foundation to optimize development.

Our Advanced programs build upon the execution of basic hockey techniques, and provide players with an understanding of adjustments they can make to enhance their individual games. These sessions are heavily focused on skill development within game like situations.

Our High Performance Programs focus on the refinement of  advanced hockey techniques by reinforcing effective functional movement patterns for each skill.  The synchronized development of skill acquisition and functional intelligence will allow players to more effectively read, react and execute in game like situations.

Our Elite Programs are customized to advance and align skills necessary for effective execution of position specific demands in a game situations.  Programming focuses on indivdualized techniques and needs in and out of players competitive seasons.

Our Prospect Programs are designed to further advance the physical and mental aspects of each individual player based on position, level and hockey specific demands, through on and off ice training and performance workshops.


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