Prospect Program Breakdowns

R1 Spring | Power Skating

  • R1 Power Skating Program - 2 on-ice sessions/week
  • Only 16 Spots available/Group
  • RINK Testify Performance workouts available

Mastery Keys

First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
Shooting technique w/ weight transfer  
Recovery focus for skating techniques 
Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection)
Transition w/ Puck control

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  • 3 on-ice sessions/week - 75 Minute-Sessions - Full Sheet
  • Full-Ice Scrimmage Weekly
  • 4 Performance Workshops (Bi-Weekly)
  • On Ice/Off Ice monitoring included between Player Development Team and Testify Performance
  • Nutrition Support Program
  • Daily Pre ice warm up
  • Jersey/Apparel Package
  • Maximum 8 skaters/group (4:1 player/coach ratio)
  • Only 15 Spots available/Group
  • RINK Testify Performance workouts available with average of 5 workouts/week
  • 3 on-ice sessions/week

Mastery Keys

Quick Release Shooting
Speed & Quickness
Puck Protection | Down Low Play (Position Specific)
Play with and without the puck in Neutral Zone, Defensive Zone, Offensive Zone

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