RINK Player Development Team

Implemented by the most elite class of coaching professionals in Manitoba, RINK Training Centre offers the top training and skill development programs in Western Canada.

The RINK Player Development team is recognized as the leader in progressive on-ice development. The Player Development team has established themselves as the dominant choice in the skill development industry and has an unparalleled reputation for developing world class players and goaltenders. In turn, this has resulted in the consistent development of many of today’s leading hockey athletes in junior, college, and pro ranks.

Both RINK Player & Goalie Development offer a host of association, and team specific programs.  We would like the opportunity to spearhead your goaltender & player development needs. RINK Training Centre programs includes services listed below.

Player Development Options

At the new RINK Training Centre, we will be able to get you on our new full-size sheet. We will be able to work with your coaches on your teams every need and build those needs into our skill curriculum. On our full-size ice sheet, you will have the option of having one team per ice-time or splitting the ice in half and having two teams on the same session. 

Led by Dwayne Gylywoychuk, Coaches Club is designed to provide consistent development for coaches, both on and off the ice, so they can provide your female and male hockey players the best environment and culture to achieve their goals and aspiration in the game they love, Hockey.

These are offered as another option to keep the development of players/goaltenders with a consistent set of professionals. These sessions run as full day clinics which highlight Skill Specific Sessions at the request of the association. 

This in season program allows RINK personnel to offer players an advanced skill development camp.  These camps are in the form of a 3-day minicamp and can be tailored to the availability and demand in your association.  It is suggested that these camps take place over the holiday season for optimization of in season player development. 

With the growth of female hockey increasing at a rapid rate we are excited to contribute to that. We are now able to offer all of the above options for female specific programs. These programs can be run for females, by our all-female coaching staffs.  

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