R1 | Winnipeg

7 x 1 on 1 Session's

  • Available Monday to Sunday
  • Available to Goaltenders from July - August 31

7 x Tactical Group Session

  • 1 ice session per week focused on 2 read drills and 1 competitive drill. Our tactical sessions are focused on delievering goalies game simulated drills that have high variability forcing goalies to think extrinsically seeing what is in front of them.

7 x PEPP Group Session

  • 1 ice session per week focused on the foundation of a goalies game – skating.
  • PEPP symbolizes that components of Power Skating, Edge Control, Position Specific Movement, and Puckhandling for our R1 goalies. 

35 x Testify Performance (Off-Ice)

  • Average of 5 Testify Performance Off- Ice Training Sessions (Weekly)
  • Periodization program is composed of strength and conditioning, speed and movement sessions,
  • Access to services to enhance performance with off- ice testing, massage therapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic, and yoga.

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