The RINK Training Centre Summer Development Camps are half-day camps which involves one 60-minute ice session, one 45-minute dryland with Testify Performance and one 60-minute interactive boardroom.

Development Summer Camp

The RINK Goalie Development Camps are a perfect way to focus your summer training. These 5-day camps provide the biggest impact on goaltender performance in a short period of time. Our camps are very intense and goaltenders will conduct on-ice sessions, fitness testing, flexibility and hand eye training, classroom sessions, daily journals, off-ice dryland, and much more. 

Mastery Keys

Stance and Proper Positioning  
Goalie specific skating 

  • Shuffle 
  • T-Push 
  • C-Cut  
  • Knee Shuffle 

  Introduction to Basic Save Selection 

  • Butterfly 
  • Glove saves 
  • Blocker saves 

Proper Recovery Techniques 

  • Getting up out of the Butterfly 
  • Proper rotation and leg usage 

Advanced - Summer Camp

Our Advanced summer camp provides goaltenders the opportunity to build their foundation. This program will have a focused approach on improving each goaltender's ability to achieve their angle, depth, and body position. 

Mastery Keys

Ability to recognize proper movement
Identifying the time to use: Shuffle, T-Push, C-Cut, Butterfly Slide
Proper Recovery Skills 

  • Cementing their technique when recovery to their feet out of the butterfly 

  • Controlling slides from the butterfly slide 

Body Position
Reaction Saves with Hands

High Performance - Summer Camp

Our High Performance Summer Goalie camp is designed for goalies looking to maximize their training over the month of August. The High Performance Summer Goalie camp is a condensed version of our R1 training program that runs throughout the entire summer. This camp will provide goalies training in a tactical setting with drills based around game situations. This tactical focus in drills provides goalies with game situated drills to read and build awareness on scoring chances to prepare for the start of the season.

Mastery Keys 

Advanced skating movements 

  • Backside push 
  • Quick changes of direction from butterfly slides and backside pushes 

Proper recovery 

  • Continued emphasis on controlling slides and recovery to their feet 

Introduction to basic puck handling  

  • Stopping rims and controlling dump ins 
  • Proper technique with body and hands 

Tactical in game reads and understanding the release of the puck  

  • In depth discussions about how to play in game situations and understanding the options available  
  • Learning how players change the angle of the puck before release 

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