Elite Programs
Ages 13-14


Our Elite Programs are customized to advance and align skills necessary for effective execution of position specific demands in a game situation. Programming focuses on individualized techniques and needs in and out of players competitive seasons.

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Elite - Skating & Skills

This program encompasses the best of what the RINK has to offer in a single program. Regardless of mastery level, Skating & Skills incorporates aspects of Power SkatingShooting & Scoring, and Puck Control programs, giving players a taste of everything we specialize in.

Each Skating & Skills Program also features an off-ice component with RINK Testify Performance. This component takes place in the gym or on the track prior to or following the on-ice session. Players will focus on developing functional movement patterns that correlates to on-ice development.

The Elite Skating and Skills Program is designed to challenge skaters to master proper technique with instructive and interactive coaching. Skaters will focus on balance and body position for a variety of techniques. These techniques include puck control along with giving and receiving passes stationary and in motion. This program tests the skater’s ability in a constructive and positive manner by our professional on-ice player development coaches.  

On-Ice Mastery Keys

Power Skating | First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
Shooting & Scoring | Shooting technique w/ weight transfer  
Power Skating | Recovery focus for skating techniques 
Puck Control | Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection)
Puck Control | Transition w/ Puck control

Off-Ice Mastery Keys

Total body strength in all fundamental movement patterns
Position Specific Stability
Coordination and Deceleration Skills in sagittal and frontal planes of movement


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Location: RINK Training Centre

Not available at this location at this time.

Location: RINK North

Not available at this location at this time.

Location: RINK Kelowna

Not available at this location at this time.

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