Skill Development in the Okanagan

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July & August

RINK Summer Camps are multi-faceted, jam-packed, fun camps with various focuses throughout the summer. EDGE Power Skating Camps run in July and focus on taking the time to develop a crucial aspect to your game without the need to be tryout ready. In August, RINK Skill Development camps get into a variety of topics from Position Specific (Forward/Defense), Shooting & Scoring, and Tryout Prep. During the final weekend of summer, RINK has two-day prep camps running all day as a final tune up before tryouts.

Rutland Twin Arena Kelowna, B.C.

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July to August

The R1 Program is a fully integrated program with on and off ice training aligned to optimize your development and maximize your results. As an industry leader for over 10 years, R1 has set the standard for career development, with an extensive list of alumni. RINK takes pride in knowing how to lead athletes at all stages of their career. Trusted by Stanley Cup Champions and NHL draft picks to deliver a competitive edge that separates you from the pack season over season.

Rutland Twin Arena - Kelowna, B.C.

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