Master Your Skills, Control Your Game.

RINK Goalie Development programs introduce new goalies to the position, help current goalies grow and develop key skills for the position, and get you game ready for any level of competition. Following our mastery skills progressions focused in six key areas, goalies will learn age and level appropriate skills that will help them excel and succeed in the goaltending position.

Tryout Prep

Available for U11 Advanced, U13 Performance, & U15 Elite.

The Goalie Tryout Prep Program is exactly what goaltenders need to get ready for their tryouts and the beginning of the season. Our RINK Goalie Development professionals will focus on tracking and tactical game situations to best prepare goalies for the beginning of the season. Goaltenders will sharpen up on their positional play, puck tracking, and ability to read the play.

Pre-Season | Sept - Oct


Available for U9 Development & U11 Advanced.

The Goaltending Fundamentals program is geared towards goaltenders in their first year or two in the position who want to build a strong foundation of their game. This program includes the essential skating movements of being a goalie, understanding depth & angles, save making & puck tracking. Become more confident in your goaltending game.

Winter | Nov - Mar

Reads, Tactics, & Tracking

Available for U9 Development, U11 Advanced, U13 Performance, & U15 Elite.

Goaltenders will run through a number of game situation & skill building drills. This curriculum will challenge goalies with game situation drills on a number of different scoring chance areas such as plays off the rush, side-to-side passing plays, breakaways, plays from behind the net, and dealing with screens & deflections.

Winter | Nov - Mar


Available for U9 Development, U11 Advanced, U13 Performance, & U15 Elite.

RINK's PEPP program is strictly a skating and puck handling program and focuses on well-rounded goalies outside of normal positional demands. PEPP stands for: Powerskating, Position-specific movement, Edgework, and Puck-handling.

Winter | Nov - Mar

3 on 3

Available for U9 Development, U11 Advanced, U13 Performance, & U15 Elite.

3 on 3 hockey is a fast-paced, high-scoring, high-skilled variant of the traditional game of hockey. Played on our customed-sized training sheet (120ft x 60ft), it is played with three skaters and goalie per team on the ice, and forces players to think and react faster than normal game like scenarios. The smaller ice sheet and fewer players result in a wide-open, high-scoring game with lots of end-to-end action.

Pre-Season | Sept - Nov Winter | Nov - Mar | U9 Winter | Nov - Mar | U11 Winter | Nov - Mar | U13/U15

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