At the R1 Laidlaw in-season academy, players are able to experience a unique opportunity being a student athlete. While working with the RINK Professionals, athletes will be exposed to on ice skill development, off ice training in Testify Performance, as well as a boardroom component. With this program, students will continue to play on their regular season teams while gaining extra development throughout the year. Players workload are monitored and managed by RINK Professionals to maintain optimal performance.


Advanced | Silver

Program Dates

September - June

The R1 Laidlaw Academy is a 10 month program that follows the school schedule. There is no programming during in-service or holidays.

Learn More About
Laidlaw School

Development | White

A Day in the Life

Daily Schedule

7:00AM | Arrive at RINK

7:20AM | On-Ice or Off-Ice

8:30AM | Boardroom or Off-Ice

9:25AM | Bus to Laidlaw

9:45AM | First class Begins

*Players miss first period gym class to participatein the program. R1 Laidlaw fulfills their gym credit.*

Introductory | Black

Details & Ratios

Monday to Friday Mornings Before School

All players attend Laidlaw School
3 Ice times per week
3 Workouts per week
2 Boardroom Sessions per week

2011 & 2012 BORN PLAYERS
9 Male Players | 9 Female Players
2-4 Goalies (M/F)

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