April 1st - June 23rd, 2024

Master the Art of Skills to Game Transfer

Spring is for the fanatics. It's for the kids that eat, sleep, and breathe hockey. The kids that sleep with their stick at night, the first to practice, and always shooting pucks in the driveway. Every program is specifically designed for athletes no matter where they are at in their development journey. Athletes have the option to hone in on one topic or simply get out there and have fun. Now is the time to take advantage of getting on the ice more as you head into the off-season.

RINK Training Centre Winnipeg, MB.
Small Area Power Skating

Small Area Power Skating

Invite Only/Apply - Must Have Played A1-A/AA

The Small Area Power Skating program is designed to challenge each skaters capabilities with our lowest coach to player ratio. This program concentrates on skating in small areas while being explosive out of tight turns, maintaining your speed, and maximizing your blade engagement. Players will focus on creating comfort on their outside edge, overall edge awareness, and techniques for starts. Additionally, players will work on disassociating their upper and lower body. This program is meant to challenge elite skaters outside their comfort zone.

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EDGE Power Skating

The Most Complete Power Skating Program

EDGE Power Skating aims to support and build upon the foundation of any player’s success in the game. The on-ice component starts by teaching players proper skating technique and progresses to applying the technique in top speed game simulated drills.

U9 Development U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

Skating & Skills

Power Skating | Shooting & Scoring | Puck Control

This program encompasses the best of what the RINK has to offer in a single program. Regardless of mastery level, Skating & Skills incorporates aspects of Power Skating, Shooting & Scoring, and Puck Control programs, giving players a taste of everything we specialize in.

U7 Introductory U9 Development U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

Skills to Game

Skills to Game

From Your Session to Your Highlight Reel

The Skills to Game program is specifically tailored to focus on individual skills which are common in today's game, followed by the opportunity to showcase these skills in game like situations. Each session in this program will start with 25 min. of development, focusing on the technique of certain skills. The next 25 min. will consist of a tactical session, where athletes can use these skills in game situations.

U7 Introductory U9 Development U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

3 on 3 Hockey

3 on 3

Play Fast, Learn Faster. 

3 on 3 hockey is a fast-paced, high-scoring, high-skilled variant of the traditional game of hockey. Played on our customed-sized training sheet (120ft x 60ft), it is played with three skaters and goalie per team on the ice, and forces players to think and react faster than normal game like scenarios. For players & goalies that play U9 to U15.

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Goaltending Fundamentals

Goalie Skills & Tactics

Reaction Ability | Hockey IQ | Net Play | Puck Handling

RINK's Goalie Skills & Tactics program provides a narrow-enhanced detail on key goaltender performance issues such as position specific movement, rebound control, rush management, net play, and puck handling. These habits are built over a progressive training approach, with the understanding that quality repetition is the key to performing a specific skill or tactic when it comes time to perform in a game situation.

U11 Advanced U13 Performance

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