Summer Ringette Camps

RINK's Ringette summer camps offer a fun and engaging environment for players of all skill levels to improve their skills. Experienced coaches and trainers provide personalized training plans tailored to each player's goals. Camps offer opportunities for players to improve their physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork abilities. Additionally, players can make new friends and develop social skills while having fun and staying active. Whether a beginner or an advanced player, ringette summer camps offer a fantastic way to improve skills and have fun during the summer months.

Ringette EDGE Skating Camp

EDGE Power Skating Camp

For Players U10 - U16

A multi-faceted, jam-packed, fun camp environment. EDGE Skating Camps are known for being a great place for young players to make friends and develop connections with kids they normally wouldn't see during the year. In an environment that fosters learning and growth both on and off the ice, EDGE Skating Camps are the perfect summer camps for Ringette fanatics.


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