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In this area of our camps athletes will review the topics or skills that they worked on from the day on the ice. The boardroom is a great opportunity to teach athletes a little more detail about the skills they are learning off the ice in a classroom setting. In the boardroom, coaches break down clips from the NHL relating to the skills they are working on for the day. This gives athletes a full picture of what that daily skill looks like in a tactical setting. Participation is encouraged from all athletes though a series of review questions and activities. Athletes will have fun participating in both team building activities that range from getting to know other players in their groups to individual activities like designing their own NHL franchise. 

Simulated Skating (SIM Skate)

Improving your skating does not just happen on the ice, but it can be accomplished off the ice as well. During the week athletes will reinforce daily the technique they have been learning on-ice through what we call simulated skating. Athletes will work through the techniques of their stride; body position and arm swing so simulate skating to the fullest ability. Other simulated skating techniques athletes will work on will be the foot position for quick starts, the upper body position on tight turns and more.

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