What to expect off the ice at Edge Skating Camps.

EDGE Dryland Training Hockey Camp Youth Kids

Dryland Training Sessions

Fully Integrated Approach to Off-Ice Development.

Each day athletes will take part in off-ice sessions that have been integrated into the RINK’s on-ice mastery system. Whether it be learning correct movement patterns that enhance on-ice skating ability, improving recovery between shifts with performance breathing techniques, or learning transferable skills by fine-tuning your foundational movement capacity, Edge of Excellence Off-Ice Performance Sessions have one goal in mind, optimizing development while enhancing performance on the ice.
All players will be put to the test in a week composed of off-ice strength and conditioning, SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness), and hockey specific mobility sessions. You will leave camp with a new tool box on how to train off the ice as our staff will be educating you on the “why” each and every session. Integrating both off-ice and on-ice curriculums is the foundation of this off-ice approach, everything you do off the ice will be tailored to earning your stripes.

Components of Your EDGE Skating Camp

Dryland Training


Multisport Summer Camp Training


Classroom SIM Skate

SIM Skate

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