EDGE Power Skating Camps

A multi-faceted, jam-packed, fun camp environment. EDGE Power Skating Camps are known for being a great place for young hockey players to make friends and develop connections with kids they normally wouldn't see during the hockey year. In an environment that fosters learning and growth both on and off the ice, EDGE Power Skating Camps are the perfect summer camps for hockey fanatics. The camp will take a deeper focus with players on their skating foundation as well as Edge Awareness. Emphasizing Balance, Body Position, Edge Activation, Forward Stride, and Transitional Skating. EDGE Power Skating camps combine the teachings of Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Hockey Power Skating so athletes will be learning from professional skating specialists in 3 different fields. This camp is designed to challenge athletes and allow them to have a better understanding of their overall skating technique, which will help them take their game to the next level.  

Daily Camp Structure

  • 2x 60min. On-Ice Sessions
  • 2x 60min. Dryland Session provided by RINK Testify Performance
  • 1x 60min. Off-Ice Skills Session
  • 1x 60min. Interactive Boardroom Session
  • 1x 60min. Team Building Session

Key Features

Live On Ice Video Review & Feedback

Skating Analysis Video with Coaches Feedback

Figure Skating & Speed Skating Integration

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Dryland Training


Multisport Summer Camp Training


Classroom SIM Skate

SIM Skate

Frequently Asked Questions

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