Follow RINK Goalie Developments own Lasse Peterson as he takes you through 10 goalie terms you have probably never heard before!


Stands for ‘Vertical Horizontal’. A position that goalies will go into along the post cover the net on sharp angles. The leg along the post is in a vertical position and the other leg is in a horizontal position.


Stands for ‘Reverse Vertical Horizontal’. Also used to cover the net on sharp angles. This technique can also be used for plays below the goal line. The difference between VH and RVH is that the leg which is along the post is now in a horizontal position and the other leg is in the vertical position.  


When a goalie catches the puck, then swings their arm around in a circle afterwards.  


The pads that goalies wear. 


The way a goalie looks at the puck before, during, and after they face a shot.  

Flashing the leather:

Slang for making a big glove save. For example, when you make a windmill save.  

Standing on their head:

Slang for when a goalie is playing extremely well and makes several big saves.  

Between the pipes:

Term used to describe the goalie that is playing. Example: “tonight we have Tyler Oswald between the pipes”  

Squareness to the puck:

Term used to refer how well a goalie is facing the puck to maximize net coverage.  


When a goalie does let in any goals i.e a shutout