Angles, Depth, Stance 

  • Where and how does the goalie stand? 
  • A trend has happened over the past 10 years. Goalies have broken free from being all “the same” and we have seen goalies manage themselves differently. 
  • The only staple that remains the same is managing angles on scoring chances. 
  • Depth and stance is a personalized approach based on the NHL goalies' size, movement capabilities, and understanding of threats. 

Control and Care 

  • Can the goaltender excel in the easy areas of the game? Do they handle shots to their body and hands with 100% control and prevent any rebounds from getting out to the middle
  • Does the goaltender care to find a way to make saves they should not make? There will be shots from the half wall that the goalie should excel at and then there will be traffic and scrambles in front where the goalie should break free from a technical frame and “find a way to keep the puck out”. 
  • The team that wins most likely will be the team that had the goalie that made the saves that they should make and came up with a few difficult saves to keep their team with a lead in the game (Breakaways, Penalty Kills, Turnovers) 

Puck handling 

  • An intangible that contributes to the team's breakout 
  • A goalie that can play that puck successfully will be an asset to their team as they can help their defense with more options to breakout of the defensive zone. 

All 3 of these areas should be studied when you watch an NHL game. Notice what provides the goalie with an advantage and look for small intricacies that would be of benefit to add to your own game.