Learn 3 different ways to improve your power skating with RINK Player Development Skills Coach, Jarrett Oster!

1. Understanding your edges

It is important at any level from grassroots hockey players to professional athletes to continue perfecting your edge work and control. Each skate has 3 edges: Inside and Outside edges as well as, the Flats of our blade which is found when standing upright on your skates.

When can edges be used?!
  • Turns
  • Accelerations
  • Toe Turns
  • Transitions
  • Cross Overs
  • Puck Control
  • and more!

Hockey Player Skating Power

2. Blade Engagement 

Commonly we split the blade up into three different parts; toe, middle and heel. Each part of the blade is used in various power skating techniques. 

Can you name different skating techniques that involves using different areas of your blade?
  • Quick Starts & Acceleration | This technique involves using the inside edge and toe of your blade to grip the ice and make your first 3 steps powerful.
  • Hyrbid Turn | This techniques involves using the middle of your blade to add deception to your game.
  • Power Push | This technique involves using the heel of your blade to gain and maintain speed.

RINK Power Skating Camp

3. Body Position

Many athletes soley focus on their legs when thinking of power skating. Upper body plays a major role in being an efficient skater.

Arm Swing

Having control of your arm swing to help with your momentum as well as, keeping your stick in a good position to be ready to pass, recieve a pass or take a shot. 

Chest Up

Having your chest up helps players to stay balanced and allows them to see the ice better as they are skating.