Deception is an art form on the ice. To be deceptive at the blue line means to set up your opponent by fooling them into thinking you're going to do something else. Check out the multiple different ways to be deceptive at the blue line:

1. Building awareness

  • By having your eyes up and the ability to scan what is in front of you. 
  • Using your peripheral vision to identify passing or shooting lanes.

2. Efficient skating techniques

  • Deceptive skating techniques.
  • As you walk the line while keeping the puck in a threat position so you're always able to make a play. 

3. Micromovements

  • With your eyes, hands or the blade of your stick to create lanes for yourself. 

Focus on these and it will enhance your ability to get pucks through to the net or to your back door option creating offense for yourself and your team!