1. Know what range of pad you fall under; Youth, Junior, Intermediate, Senior.  

Pads are made to be proportionate to the size of the goaltender. As you move up size levels youth, junior etc. The pads not only get longer but also wider. Weight also increases as you move up in sizes.  

     2. Find your fit  

Your knee should fit in the center of the knee cradle. When you drop to your butterfly you want your knee centered on the landing stack. If the pad is too small or too big the knee will often slide off of that and onto the ice. 

     3. Understanding Sizing 

Along with the size range, pads also come with numbers to size the pad. For example, 34+2”. The higher the number the larger the pad. The + number applies to additional inches above the knee. +2 is a standard size for Vaughn pads.