Last summer, RINK sat down with NHLer Morgan Geekie to discuss his summer training regiment as well as being selected in the expansion draft by the Seattle Kraken.

Morgan is relatively new to the RINK family and the R1 program having only completed his second full summer with us. Being from Strathclaire, Manitoba growing up most of his time was spent training elswhere in the summer months. As Morgan shifts more into his pro career and with the strength of the pro group at RINK in the off season the fit was a no brainer. He is a welcomed edition to the group and only elevates the level of compete and drive to get better in the doldurms of the summer months.

When asked about his off-season goals, Morgan said, "I'm trying to work on a lot of tight turns, lateral movements, and being better below the hashmarks with the puck."

This makes total sense for a player like Morgan who has shown a strong offensive prowess getting to national league and understand the importance of being even better in those areas while maintaining a 200ft game. RINK Player Development coaches meet individually with each player heading into summer to not only hear their goals but make sure our sessions reflect and teach skills relevant to their game.

Morgan Geekie Seattle Kraken RINK Training Centre

After an up and down season between the Carolina Hurricanes and Charlette Checkers, Morgan was left unprotected in the recent expansion draft and was selected by the Seattle Kraken to join in their inaugural season. Having happened only a week prior to our interview we had to ask him what he thought about the whole situation.

"I'm super excited. It's going to be a great experience and a great opportunity for me."

Everyone here at RINK is excited to see what the future holds for this bright young star from Manitoba.

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