RINK Winter Programming is now available! Unsure about your upcoming season? Stay on the ice with us during the upcoming winter months. With the introduction of our Mastery Program, the RINK has a program suited to every players skill level and needs. Our mastery program consists of 5-levels including Introductory, Development, Advanced, High-Performance & Elite. Each level has a wide variety of program offerings including power skating, puck control, shooting and many more! Find the program best suited for you below:

Our Introductory Programs welcomes players to the game of hockey. Players will gain an understanding of their edges on their skates, their flats, how to stop, how to control the puck, how to pass the puck.

Our Development Programs provide players with a platform to develop and accelerate the foundational skills for hockey.  Players in these programs are expected to have an understanding of basic skating, puck control and passing concepts.  Players can expect sessions to take on focused topics, isolating basic hockey skills to provide a greater understanding. and foundation to optimize development.

Our Advanced programs build upon the execution of basic hockey techniques, and provide players with an understanding of adjustments they can make to enhance their individual games. These sessions are heavily focused on skill development within game like situations.-

Our High Performance Programs focus on the refinement of  advanced hockey techniques by reinforcing effective functional movement patterns for each skill.  The synchronized development of skill acquisition and functional intelligence will allow players to more effectively read, react and execute in game like situations.

Our female development program strives to provide females the opportunity to excel in the sport of hockey. We believe strongly in providing females the same opportunity and access to high quality training. Our team at the RINK Training Centre is passionate about providing females the skills and knowledge they require to continue in their hockey careers to the highest level possible, both personally and professionally. We are passionate about females in the world of sport and aim to provide high quality coaching and instruction to all our athletes. We pride ourselves on having all female programs with all female coaches as it showcases the next wave of female players and coaches.