RINK Testify Performance, a leader in metric-based training, is happy to bring to you monthly sports science insights relative to the game of hockey. Before we dig into these topics, let's introduce you to the man behind the madness, Dr. Jeff Leiter.

Dr. Jeff Leiter is the Director of Sports Science and Performance at the RINK Training Centre. Jeff has always had a passion for hockey and performance. He is a former captain of the University of Manitoba Bisons Men’s Hockey Team and Wichita Thunder of the Central Hockey League. He holds a Master of Science in Sport Biomechanics and obtained his PhD in April 2009 from the Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science at the University of Manitoba. He is the former Albrechtsen Research Chair and Executive Director of the Pan Am Clinic Foundation, as well as the President/CEO of Pan Am Rehabilitation Services. Jeff is also a sport-science consultant for various NHL teams and hockey equipment companies. His research expertise focuses on the areas of athlete development and human performance, orthopaedic sports medicine, concussion, and education.  He has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts in these areas.

Dr. Leiter is driven to develop innovative methods to optimize player performance both on- and off-the ice and uses data to drive player and equipment development in a safe and effective manner. Jeff strongly believes that physical, mental and emotional health is pivotal for players to achieve short- and long-term goals in hockey and life. Through experience and science, Dr. Leiter will provide tips and tricks that all players can use to enhance their game.

Tips and Tricks: Newton’s first law states that an object at rest, will remain at rest unless acted upon by a force. Big game tonight? Be the force and get your body and mind moving early in the day with a light jog or brisk walk.