Year Round Programming in North Winnipeg

745 Kingsbury Ave, Winnipeg, MB

The RINK, known for skill development for both players and goalies, is expanding into North Winnipeg and will be operating out of Seven Oaks Arena (further referred to as RINK North). With the acquisition of NRG, the RINK North will now be able to offer fully integrated programming featuring both on-ice and off-ice training to a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Furthermore, hockey programs will now be offered year-round as part of the RINK’s commitment to hockey development in the area. The RINK’s programming provides young athletes with a foundation to grow and excel as they progress through their individual hockey careers. The RINK has created a science-based approach to hockey development and applies it to each player’s progression through the RINK Mastery Program. RINK coaches and staff will consistently be present throughout each player’s journey, offering comfort to parents and athletes alike.

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