Dan Ferguson

RINK Winnipeg - Goalie Development Coordinator

At the RINK Goalie Development, Dan has helped build an organization recognized for the development of high-performance goaltenders at all levels of play and focused on building the RINK Goaltending brand throughout Western Canada. Ultimately, his true desire is to see goalies progress and become confident in their ability, enjoy and trust their game, and continue to excel at this position of playing goal.  

Over the past 15 years Dan has developed goalies from the beginning stages of first learning and becoming excited to play goal to stand out goalies in the National Hockey League. Over this time, Dan has built his coaching experience from over 17,000 hours of on- ice 1v1 sessions. Additionally, Dan has been involved in coaching in the CSSHL with the RINK Hockey Academy and has experience coaching in the WHL, SJHL, and MJHL since 2012. Over this time period achievements include helping team goalies get drafted into the NHL, two MJHL Championships, three SJHL Championship Final appearances, and a Telus Cup U18 AAA National Championship.

Dan Ferguson RINK Goalie Development Coach

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