Take Your Development Into Overtime.

RINK Winter Programs are the best way to supplement your hockey schedule throughout the regular minor hockey season and playoffs. Featuring program staples like EDGE Skating, Skating & Skills, and Shooting & Scoring while including recent favorite Skills to Game. Excellent for players looking for that extra bit of ice or round out a weaker skill set in their game. Programs run on the same day, at the same time, during a set season and are the best way to refine your game.

RINK Training Centre Winnipeg, MB.

EDGE Power Skating

The Most Complete Power Skating Program

EDGE Skating aims to support and build upon the foundation of any player’s success in the game. The on-ice component starts by teaching players proper skating technique and progresses to applying the technique in top speed game simulated drills.

U9 Development U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

EDGE Skating

A-Z Defense

Made by D, for D.

The A-Z Defense program is designed to develop a consistent and efficient player in the defense position. This is done by breaking down the skills a “D” would see in a game within each zone (Defensive Zone, Neutral Zone, Offensive Zone). Each session will take a specific approach at providing skills to be used with AND without the puck.

U11 Advanced/U13 Performance

Skills to Game

Shooting & Scoring

Because who doesn't like to go bar down

The Shooting & Scoring Program is designed to provide skaters with fundamental knowledge of proper shooting mechanics. This program builds on the basics, working puck preparation in motion. Skaters will be introduced to the snapshot technique focusing on the ‘Push/Pull” synchronization.

U9 Development U11 Advanced

Battle & Compete

Talent Sets the Floor, Hard Work Sets the Ceiling

Our Battle & compete program is for individuals who want to gain some GRIT in their game.  Each session will take a specific focus to build players confidence with and without the puck.  With skills such as Stick steals, Angling, Puck protection techniques and more, players will be challenged to use their skills at a high pace and a competitive environment. Get your GRIT ON!

U13 Performance/U15 Elite

Skating & Skills

Power Skating | Shooting & Scoring | Puck Control

This program encompasses the best of what the RINK has to offer in a single program. Regardless of mastery level, Skating & Skills incorporates aspects of Power Skating, Shooting & Scoring, and Puck Control programs, giving players a taste of everything we specialize in.

U9 Development U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

Skills to Game

Skills to Game

From Your Session to Your Highlight Reel

The Skills to Game Program is tailored to focus on individual skills which are common in today's game, and then the opportunity to showcase these skills in game like situations. The program will consist of one skill session, focusing on the technique of certain skills. The next session will be a tactical session, where athletes can use these skills in game situations.

U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite

3 on 3 Hockey

3 on 3

Play Fast, Learn Faster

For both Players & Goalies, 3 on 3 hockey is a fast-paced, high-scoring, high-skilled variant of the traditional game of hockey. Played on our customed-sized training sheet (120ft x 60ft), it is played with three skaters and goalie per team on the ice, and forces players to think and react faster than normal game like scenarios.

U9 Development U13 Performance/U15 Elite
U9 Development U13 Performance/U15 Elite

Goaltending Fundamentals


Set your foundation

The Goaltending Fundamentals program is geared towards goaltenders in their first year or two in the position who want to build a strong foundation of their game. This includes the essential skating movements of being a goalie, understanding depth & angles, save making & puck tracking.

U9 Development/U11 Advanced

Goaltending Read Tactics Tracking

Reads, Tactics, & Tracking

Elevate Your Game

Goaltenders will run through a number of game situation & skill building drills. This curriculum will challenge goalies with game situation drills on a number of different scoring chance areas such as plays off the rush, side-to-side passing plays, breakaways, plays from behind the net, and dealing with screens & deflections..

U9 Development/U11 Advanced U13 Performance/U15 Elite


Goalie Power Skating (PEPP)

More than just stopping the puck

RINK's Goalie Powerskating (PEPP) program is strictly a skating and puck handling program and focuses on well-rounded goalies outside of normal positional demands. PEPP stands for: Powerskating, Position-specific movement, Edgework, and Puck-handling.


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