A multi-faceted, jam-packed, fun camp environment. EDGE Skating Camps are known for being a great place for young hockey players to make friends and develop connections with kids they normally wouldn't see during the hockey year. In an environment that fosters learning and growth both on and off the ice, EDGE Skating Camps are the perfect summer camps for hockey fanatics.


EDGE Skating Camps aim to support and build upon the foundation of any player’s success in the game. These are full day camps run both in Winnipeg and Kelowna. Camps will feature 2 On-Ice sessions, Off-Ice training, SIM Skate, Multisport and Skills per day. The on-ice component starts by teaching players proper skating technique and progresses to applying the technique  in top speed game simulated drills. Good skating technique is an essential part of the game but is useless unless it can be applied in game situations. EDGE will bring forth the most  focused approach to Power Skating analysis and teaching in the skill development industry. 


Moving forward EDGE will now represent all of RINK’s Power Skating offerings. Whether a 19-week program, a 5-day summer camp or a single clinic, it will fall under EDGE. EDGE brings forth a consistent curriculum across programs, camps, and clinics throughout all seasons of the year. The largest differentiations fall under 3 categories; Live Video Review, Skating Analysis Take Home Video, and Age-Specific Skating Development. These aspects set EDGE apart not only from RINK’s current programming but from other skill development programs.

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  1. ON - ICE - The on-ice component starts by teaching players proper skating technique and progresses to applying the technique in top speed game simulated drills. Good skating technique is an essential part of the game but is useless unless it can be applied in game situations. If players are not trained to use their new increased raw speed in game-like situations, players will not be able to use their new skills in a game.
  2. OFF - ICE - Each day athletes will take part in off-ice sessions that have been integrated into the RINK’s on-ice mastery system. Whether it be learning correct movement patterns that enhance on-ice skating ability, improving recovery between shifts with performance breathing techniques, or learning transferable skills by fine-tuning your foundational movement capacity.
  3. SIM SKATE - Improving your skating does not just happen on the ice, but it can be accomplished off the ice as well. Athletes will work through various techniques of their stride, body positioning, and arm swing to simulate skating to the fullest ability. Other simulated skating techniques athletes will work on will be the foot position for quick starts, the upper body position on tight turns, and more.
  4. MULTISPORT - This portion of our camps has athletes working on different motor skills by participating in other organized sports. We feel it is important for Players to understand the significance of being multi-sport athletes and how it can help in all areas of their hockey game.
  5. SKILLS - This portion of the camp has athletes taking their skills off the ice through different sets of stations and drills. Athletes will take what they are learning on the ice from that day and apply that off the ice.

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  1. Live Video Review : During your camp, a RINK professional will film, present, and analyze camp participants stride in person, on the ice. This allows for immediate feedback for players to implement into their skating. Players get live video feedback once during the week giving players and coaches checkpoints to see how their skating is improving. The goal being for players to make the necessary adjustments with our coaches and leave the camp a better skater.
  2. Skating Analysis Take Home Video : At the start of the week RINK coaches conduct a dedicated video analysis session. Players will go through a skating protocol that analyzes forward and backward skating, tight turns, and transitions. Video is taken from a multitude of angles to give players the most comprehensive view of their skating. From there, our coaches analyze each participant’s individual skating with video voiceover and illustration providing feedback for where players can adjust. Players will be sent the complete video and can then refer to this video throughout the year to further develop their skating ability.
  3. Age Specific Skating Development : One size does not fit all especially when it comes to power skating. Unlike other power skating camps where a blanketed approach is used, EDGE Skating Camps follows an age-specific curriculum focused on teaching and doing the proper skills and drills at the proper development progression. If you are to attend an EDGE Skating Camp for multiple years you won’t be doing the same camp over and over. You will be building upon last year’s foundation with a progressive on-ice practice plan. This philosophy stems from RINK’s Mastery Program which maximizes development through deliberate practice.

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Edge of Excellence was a power skating camp formerly run by the Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy. EDGE aims to build upon the already strong foundation with the addition of several aspects that has made RINK successful in skill development. New to EDGE Skating Camps will be consistent camp schedules, parent friendly drop-off and pick-up times, small player to coach ratio, controlled group sizes, and a multisport component will enhance the overall camp experience.


EDGE will bring forth the most focused approach to Power Skating analysis in the skill development industry. RINK is known as industry leaders and for being on the cutting edge of skill development for the past decade. EDGE is another step in a positive direction that delivers a systemized approach to developing youth hockey players while maintaining the fun in developing and learning new skills that grows each player’s love within the game.

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